Comfort C.L.U.B

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The sole purpose of our Comfort C.L.U.B us to provide homeowners with monthly energy savings and help them reduce the high cost of heating and cooling repairs.

  • “A build up of .042 (1/20) inches of dirt on the heating or cooling coil can result in decreases in efficiency of 21% increasing your monthly utility and fuel bills”
    US EPA
  • “The number 1 cause of HVAX repairs is DIRT on the filter, the blower, and on the coils”
  • “Not having an annual maintenance will reduce the efficiency by 5% every year”-City of Scottsdale Green Building Program

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Invest in a 5 year Comfort C.L.U.B Membership to take advantage of these savings!
Comfort Club membership benefits available same day if applicable service/repair of $200 required

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